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3000 W AC-Input Power Supply

The 3000 W AC-input power supply (WS-CAC-3000W) is supported in the following Catalyst 6500 series switches:
•Catalyst 6506
•Catalyst 6506-E
•Catalyst 6509
•Catalyst 6509-E
•Catalyst 6509-NEB
•Catalyst 6509-NEB-A
•Catalyst 6509-V-E
•Catalyst 6513
•Catalyst 6513-E

The 3000 W AC-input power supply needs 220 VAC to deliver 3000 W of power. When operating with 110 VAC, it delivers only 1400 W. In addition, the power supply needs 16 A, regardless of whether it is plugged into 110 VAC or 220 VAC.

3000 W Power Supply Specifications 


AC-input type

Autoranging input with power factor correction (PFC).

Note Power factor correction is a standard feature on all Catalyst 6500 series AC-input power supplies. PFC reduces the reactive component in the source AC current allowing higher power factors (typically 99 percent or better) and lower harmonic current components.

AC-input voltage

•Low-line (120 VAC nominal)—90 VAC (min) to 132 VAC (max)

•High-line (230 VAC nominal)—170 VAC (min) to 264 VAC (max)

AC-input current

•16 A @ 200 VAC (3000 W output)

•16 A @ 100 VAC (1400 W output)

AC-input frequency

50/60 Hz (nominal) (±3% for full range)

Branch circuit requirement

Each chassis power supply should have its own dedicated, fused-branch circuit:

•For North America—20 A

•For International—Circuits sized to local and national codes

•All AC power supply inputs are fully isolated.

–Source AC can be out of phase between multiple power supplies in the same chassis, which means that PS1 can be operating from phase A and PS2 can be operating from phase B.

–For high-line operation, the power supply operates with the hot conductor wired to a source AC phase and the neutral conductor wired either to ground or to another source AC phase as long as the net input voltage is in the range of 170 to 264 VAC.

–Source AC can be out of phase between AC inputs on power supplies that are equipped with multiple AC inputs, which means that power cord 1 can be plugged into phase A and power cord 2 can be plugged into phase B.

Power supply output capacity

•1400 W maximum (100-120 VAC)

•3000 W maximum (200-240 VAC)

Power supply output

•100/120 VAC operation

–25.0 A @ +3.3 V

–5 A @ +5 V

–12 A @ +12 V

–27.89 A @ +42 V

•200/240 VAC operation

–25.0 A @ +3.3 V

–5 A @ +5 V

–12 A @ +12 V

–65.98 A @ +42 V

Front panel power

A two-pin male Molex connector is located in the lower right corner of the power supply front panel. The connector provides 42 VDC at a maximum of 17 A. This connector provides power to the WS-6509-NEB-UPGRD kit fan assembly through a power harness also provided in the kit. A hinged protective flap secured by a captive screw covers the connector when it is not in use.

Output holdup time

20 ms minimum

kVA rating 1

3520 W (total input power) or 3.6 KVA (high-line operation)

Heat dissipation

12,046 BTU/hour (approx.)


15.8 lb (7.2 kg)

1 The kVA rating listed for the power supply should be used as the sizing criteria for both UPS outputs as well as standard circuits and transformers to power a switch.

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