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ECLER MIMO 88,audio matrix/ DSP (CMIMO88)

ECLER MIMO 88,audio matrix/ DSP (CMIMO88)

Typ: Pro AV-utrustning
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MIMO88 is an 8 in / 8 out digital audio matrix, fully programmable and linkable to a second unit to become a 16x16 matrix, with real routing from any input to any output. It can be configured and managed via Ethernet with the included EclerNet Manager software, also offering many other external control options: Windows® based networked clients (a graphical, custom-made screen for each user), TP-NET third-party control protocol for the integration with external control hardware like Crestron®, AMX®, Extron®, etc., digital WPTOUCH wall panels, digital MPAGE16 paging station, 8 GPIO ports, etc.

  • 8 MIC/LINE balanced inputs, with phantom power selection and mono or stereo management
  • 8 balanced outputs with mono or stereo management
  • 2 additional monitoring outputs
  • Expandable to 16 inputs / 16 outputs to become a real 16 x 16 matrix (using the digital audio bus between MIMO88 units, a CAT5 connection which can handle 100 meter distances)
  • 8 GPI ports (General Purpose Inputs): 0-10 VDC control inputs assignable to MIMO functions, like volume control, MUTE, preset recall, etc.
  • 8 GPO ports (General Purpose Outputs): relay contacts to remote control external devices, like motors, lights, etc.
  • Digital control bus for the WPTOUCH (digital touch-sensitive) wall panel and the MPAGE16 (digital & touch sensitive paging station)
  • Fully programmable and controllable via EclerNet software (with a straight PC-MIMO88 cable connection or by means of an Ethernet network)
  • Ethernet remote control with multi-client simultaneous connections: Windows® based control screens customised for the needs of each user
  • A few processing bits: signal generator, delays, full parametric EQ filters at inputs and outputs, inputs noise gate, level, mute, phase, vu-meters, outputs compressor / limiter, ducking (priority & overriding), virtual and physical paging stations management, automatic mixer function, presets save & recovery, scheduled events triggering


DSP 2 x 32/64bit
Sampling Rate 48kHz
Latency IN to OUT <2.9ms (+1ms for 16x16)
 Resolution  24bit AKM
 Dynamic Range  AD:110dB, DA: 115dB
8+8 Input/Output Terminal block (Symmetrical)
2 monitor output Terminal block (Symmetrical)
Headphones related Jack ¼
Analog Input headroom +27dBV = +30dBu
Max. output level +18dBV = +21dBu
Input sensitivity @ 0dBV out From -50dBV to +10dBV in 0.5dB step
Input Impedance Balanced, >4kΩ
Phantom power +42VDC, 5mA max. software switched
Headphones >200mW/200Ω
Frequency response (-3dB) 5Hz to 24kHz
Flatness better than ±0.1dB
THD+Noise @ 1kHz, 0dBV input (line) <0.004%
THD+Noise @ 1kHz, -40dBV input (mic.) <0.008%
Output Noise floor FFT (20Hz - 20kHz) better than 115dB
Interchannel crosstalk (20Hz - 20kHz) better than 90dB (100dB typ.)
Channel Leakage (20Hz - 20kHz) better than 100dB (115dB typ.)
CMRR 20Hz- 20kHz 65dB typ.
Input Level (x8) Range: from Off to 0 dB
Mute: Yes
Signal Polarity reverse: Yes
Metering: VU+clip pre & post fader
Output Level (x8) Range: from Off to 0 dB
Mute: Yes
Solo: Yes
Signal Polarity reverse: Yes
Metering: VU+clip pre & post fader
Input Delay (x8) from 0 to 1000 ms
Units: sec/ms/m/cm.
Output Delay (x8) from 0 to 1000 ms
Units: sec/ms/m/cm.
Parametric Eq. Types

   (4 max per input)
   (8 max per output in 8x8 mode)
   (4 max per output in 16x16 mode)
Bypass / On-Off all channels
Param Eq.        Freq: 20Hz-20kHz
                        Gain: -60/+12 dB
                        Q: 0.3 to 200
Low & High Shelf 6/12 dB/oct
Low & High Pass 6/12 dB/oct
All Pass 1/2 order
High & Low pass output Crossover filters (x8) Bypass On-Off
Butterworth in 6/12/18/24 dB/oct
Bessel in 12/18/24 dB/oct
Linkwitz-Riley in 12/24 dB/oct
Input Noise Gate (x8) Bypass On-Off
Threshold: from –80 dBV to +18 dBV
Depth: 0 dB to 80 dB
Knee: hard / soft
Attack time: from 0,1 ms. to 500 ms.
Hold time: from 10 ms. to 3000 ms.
Release time: from 10 ms. to 1000 ms.
Input Compressor / Limiter (x8) Bypass On-Off
Threshold: from –36 dBV to +18 dBV
Ratio: 1:1 to inf:1 (limiter)
Knee: hard / soft
Attack time: from 0,1 ms. to 500 ms.
Release time: from 10 ms. to 1000 ms.
Make up gain: from 0 to +10 dB
Output Limiter (x8) Bypass On-Off
Threshold: from –36 dBV to +18 dBV
Ratio: inf:1 (limiter)
Attack time: from 0,1 ms. to 500 ms.
Release time: from 10 ms. to 1000 ms.
Built in Signal Generator Sine: from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Polarity: from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
White noise
Pink noise
Stereo Linking Adjacent input / output channels
Linked processing
Matrix routing linked
Mix Matrix Size: 8x8 (1-MIMO88)
Size: 16x16 (2-MIMO88 with expan. link bus)
Vol: Input, Output, Crosspoint
Mute: Set/Clear individual, row, column, all
Input /output Mono/stereo selector
Meter: Input /output VU and clip
Pager (x2) Input: IN1 to IN8 (or to IN16 in 16x16)
Priorities: 1(max) 2 (min)
Depth: 0 dB to 80 dB
Attack time: from 0,1 ms. to 500 ms.
Release time: from 10 ms. to 1000 ms.
Chime Source: None, Melody 1, Melody 2
Chime Volume: from –12 dB to 0 dB
 Dimensions  482.6x44x266.5mm
 Weight  3.5kg
 Mains  90-264VCA 47-63Hz
 Power consumption  75VA
 Management Connectivity  Ethernet Base-Tx 10/100Mb Auto X-Over CAT5 up to 100m.
 Expansion LINK BUS (16x16 ch.)  Proprietary over CAT5, Xover cable up to 100m.
 Remote Bus  2, over twisted pairs; up to 1km (see specific specs.)
 GPI  8, from 0 to 10VDC or TTL level
 GPO  8, 3 poles isolated relay; 1A, 48VDC max.
 Aux. Power Supply for Remotes & GPI  +12VDC, 1.2A. max. (short circuit protected)
 Time and date retention (battery)  1 month aprox. (ambient temperature dependant)
 RTC accuracy  ±1 minute /year
EclerNet Software     Realtime full GUI of all functions and controls thru Ethernet with interactive graphical display
Grouping mode channels or devices
Grouping of other groups 
Automated report generation
Up to 256 devices on same net
Autodiscovery devices feature
Routing capability through NAT gateways
Real time metering at input/output (DSP)
Device “Finder” feature
Save & Recall setup and preset functions
Firmware update capability thru Ethernet
Password protection (device & project with two user levels)
Default Network configuration:
            UDP Port: 2210
Operating System Windows® W2000 Prof. (SP4); XP Prof. (SP3); Vista (SP1), W7
Minimum EclerNet System Requirements Pentium IV ® 1GHz
40MB HDD free space
800x600 pixels & 16bits color display
10/100/1G Ethernet Network card

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